Monday, October 3, 2016


On Saturday 1st October 2016 as patriots commemorated Nigeria’s independence with a football match that took place at Nembe city between the Batch B and Batch A corp members of Ogbolomambiri as part of passing out activities.
The match commenced at exactly 9:00AM and ended at exact 10:45AM within the first fifteen minutes and surprise to the Batch B corp members the Batch A dealt them the first blow as corper Bee jay kicked the ball into the net.
The second goal followed at 20minutes to the finish time by Beejay. While CLO managed to rescue the Batch Bs from total defeat by scoring one goal.
More so, soccer has always been our way of connecting the whole world. It is the only sport which is most popular and constantly affecting lives. More than merely a hobby or a game but a unique language that makes all corp members to come together as one in a way of keeping the “high spirit of oneness” soccer is also one of our ways of creating memorable impression in all corp members in Nembe city, such that no matter where they go after National service, there must be something to remember about their stay in Nembe city.

Meanwhile after an incredible performance by the two teams Batch A emerged the winner by 2 goals to 1 (2:1). After which all Batch A corp members happily celebrated their victory and congratulated one another. 

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