Monday, January 16, 2017

Why Has NYSC Members Not Been Paid Their December 2016 Allowance ?

In the Nigeria economy, it is widely known that corpers are known to enjoy price cuts in the cost of goods, services and even transportation.
The acts of goodwill by fellow Nigerians are well received and helps make the scheme more bearable for the corp members.Even with these benefits most corpers barely get by in the month.
However, the system described hinges on the government paying their monthly allowances(allawee) on time which they have done up till now. The Yoruba parlance that says,"the sweat of a labourer must not dry before he is paid."
That is not the case this time for some 2016/2017 Batch A corp members who, until now have not received their December allawee. Majority of them are in a state of topsy-turvy. What 's worse is that some of their collegues have been paid. This action by the authorities has led to a series of unanswered questions. What criteria were used in selecting those to pay ?  Are the paid few more efficient and effective than their colleagues ?  These and many more lingers in the minds of the corp members that are yet to be paid.
There's no gainsaying that the inability of the NYSC to pay corpers has taken a toll  on them. Or what use are price cuts when you have no money ? You hear cases of corpers not being able to transport themselves to their PPA or their CDS locations. For some, even feeding has become an issue.
Don't take our word for it;  what do corpers have to say for themselves having heard all these, we implore the appropriate authority to see to it that something is done as quickly as humanly possible. If this sitauation is left unattended to ...............

Monday, January 9, 2017

Defination of a Corper

Defination of a Corper.

A corper is a person who has completed or Finished his/her undergraduate programme, be it a degree programme or a Higher National Diploma, a bid to acquire basic life Experiences like social living,educational aspect, which includes the acquuisition of technical skills cultural knowledge and in a nutshell, upgrading him/herself mentally,getting transformed from the ordinary form of life to an advanced one having developed him/herself systematically.

Inaddition, he/she when called to service by the NYSC board, undergoes certain processes of physical training which is given in by qualified teachers in his three weeks stay at the NYSC camp. These are some aspects of military training which includes

  • Parade
  • Lateness to bed and early rising
  • Proportionate diet
  • Rope walk, and other Man'O war drills
  • Cooking competition,dance,drama,football/volleyball matches
  • Camp fire night, etc.
These three weeks affords him the opportunity to meet different Kinds of persons, (fellow gradautes) and others from all over Nigeria , interacting with them, learning and knowing their various cultural values and social characteristics.

A corper is said to be "good to go", having been equiped and fitty trained to intelligently handled life's issues during and after service basd on the structure set by NYSc

Who is a corper

Who is a Corper?
A corper is a gradaute
A gradaute is an educated person
An educated person is refined
A refined person is thoughtful
A thoughtful person is wise
A wise person speaks less and listens more
And never gives others a reason to resprone him
The word corper is derived from corp which is the short form of corpoaral.
A corporal is a non-commissioned Army or Air Force officer, ranking next below sergeant.
A youth corper is one who conferred such an office by the federal Government of Nigeria, for the duration of one year, whose duty is to help repair the damages done on Nigeria after the civil war.
He, having undergo series  of rigorous mental training therefore looked up to by the common Nigeria as a supervisor as well as a leader.
He is therefore expected to show forth good examples, exhibiting skillfulnees, tact and general Discipline in whatever he does, both in word and in action.
A youth corper is humble but not timid he responds to issues and not react, he is a builder, he is bent on carrying others along and showing them the rightway. He is shamed by any form of indiscipline both in words and in deeds because he has an image to protect. The image of Nigeria Corpers. W