Monday, January 16, 2017

Why Has NYSC Members Not Been Paid Their December 2016 Allowance ?

In the Nigeria economy, it is widely known that corpers are known to enjoy price cuts in the cost of goods, services and even transportation.
The acts of goodwill by fellow Nigerians are well received and helps make the scheme more bearable for the corp members.Even with these benefits most corpers barely get by in the month.
However, the system described hinges on the government paying their monthly allowances(allawee) on time which they have done up till now. The Yoruba parlance that says,"the sweat of a labourer must not dry before he is paid."
That is not the case this time for some 2016/2017 Batch A corp members who, until now have not received their December allawee. Majority of them are in a state of topsy-turvy. What 's worse is that some of their collegues have been paid. This action by the authorities has led to a series of unanswered questions. What criteria were used in selecting those to pay ?  Are the paid few more efficient and effective than their colleagues ?  These and many more lingers in the minds of the corp members that are yet to be paid.
There's no gainsaying that the inability of the NYSC to pay corpers has taken a toll  on them. Or what use are price cuts when you have no money ? You hear cases of corpers not being able to transport themselves to their PPA or their CDS locations. For some, even feeding has become an issue.
Don't take our word for it;  what do corpers have to say for themselves having heard all these, we implore the appropriate authority to see to it that something is done as quickly as humanly possible. If this sitauation is left unattended to ...............


  1. This is unacceptable!
    Serving in a strange land with no payment. Who is supposed to feed you and provide other basic things for the period in question?

  2. My Bro, change they say is inevitable.. We accept that in Good spirit, but it's hard for a lot of persons to manage


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