Monday, January 9, 2017

Who is a corper

Who is a Corper?
A corper is a gradaute
A gradaute is an educated person
An educated person is refined
A refined person is thoughtful
A thoughtful person is wise
A wise person speaks less and listens more
And never gives others a reason to resprone him
The word corper is derived from corp which is the short form of corpoaral.
A corporal is a non-commissioned Army or Air Force officer, ranking next below sergeant.
A youth corper is one who conferred such an office by the federal Government of Nigeria, for the duration of one year, whose duty is to help repair the damages done on Nigeria after the civil war.
He, having undergo series  of rigorous mental training therefore looked up to by the common Nigeria as a supervisor as well as a leader.
He is therefore expected to show forth good examples, exhibiting skillfulnees, tact and general Discipline in whatever he does, both in word and in action.
A youth corper is humble but not timid he responds to issues and not react, he is a builder, he is bent on carrying others along and showing them the rightway. He is shamed by any form of indiscipline both in words and in deeds because he has an image to protect. The image of Nigeria Corpers. W

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