Thursday, December 29, 2016

The arrival of 2016/2017 Batch B corp members.

On that sunny day of 14th December 2016, the batch A corp members of Ogbolomambiri, Nembe City were full of excitement and zest in anticipation for the arrival of the new Batch B stream 1 Corp member who were to arrive from camp.
This triggered a series of activities which included a general sanitation, held on the day before, the preparation of delicious meals by the welfare coordinator with the help of few volunteers, on that day, and the setting in order of the pavilion A. K. A common room, with  sound system put in place, by the Director of Social ,corper Beejay.
The D. O. S Contacted the C. L. O ,corper W. Amonigha  from time to time and returned the feedback to the house as to how close she had approached with the New Corp members.The band was ready as the Batch A Corp members warmed up to go enmass to welcome the 'Otondos' as new corp members are usually addressed.
Shortly afterwards, the P. R. O sounded the time at which corp members were expected to move. At about 4:30pm, Batch A corp members in 1/7, that is NYsc cap on mufty, moved into action. Drumming, singing and dancing,  they all headed to the journey wearied New Corp members had already alighted , carried their luggage and danced back to the Corpers lodge.
Meanwhile, the chief whip of the Bassambiri Corpers lodge had come to take those who were posted to Bassambiri along.
Refreshments followed the introduction of corp members as they awaited to be officially signed into the Ogbolomambiri corpers lodge.

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