Wednesday, November 30, 2016

The Duty of A Corper.

Golden rays of the eastern sunlight Brushes through my half awakened face with soft caresses of warmness
It is yet another dawn in Nembe city
The kitchens are warming up again pans and spoons collide in oneness footfall ascend and descend the walkways
In a bid to break the long night fast
The crowing of the cock is long forgotten
The blowing of the bugle and whistles as well
But the school bell would never hesitate to ring
Tick, tick says the clock, compatriots be on the watch
And soon the assemblies Nexted by classes
In nurture of the young the rising stars
whips lashing and voices echoing instructions
It is the duty we are called for
The duty of a corper.

           By corper Priscilla Okochi

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