Friday, October 21, 2016


Although it is blinding on every corps member to render his /her selfless service in any past of the country where he is posted, Relocation can be granted if one fits into or meets the following requirements.
  •    The corps member must be either married or pregnant and she must present her marriage certificate.
  •         Relocation is granted if a corps member has a serious health condition which requires regular check –up.

NOTE: The corps member must present a valid medical report issued by a state or Teaching Hospital from his/her state of origin that is endorsed by a medical Doctor.
Furthermore it is more reassuring to know that NYSC is easily granted within four to six months of your reporting to your place of primary Assignment (PPA) owning  to the fact that NYSC tend to pay more attention on the upcoming next batch ‘s PPAs and welfare than of those who are already serving.

So with the above listed criteria there is nothing to worry about. If the initial application for relocation was not granted you can try a second time and by God’s grace it will work. 

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